The Coeclerici Group is a world leader in the coal mining, trading, shipping and logistics sectors. Today, the Coeclerici Group has offices in 13 countries, serving the energy and steel industries across five continents.

The Coeclerici Group represents a benchmark in turnkey solutions for coal supply for countries all over the globe. The Coeclerici Group's business model is based on the following approach:

Focusing resources, synergies and experience exclusively in the coal sector, the Coeclerici Group's core business for over 120 years;

Creating value for our clients by controlling the entire procurement cycle, from mining to shipping and logistics, delivering directly to our clients in the most efficient, competitive manner possible.


Coeclerici S.P.A. is the Group's holding company, coordinating and supporting Group activities through four highly specialized divisions:

The Mining Group oversees the purchase and management of mining sites.

The Trading Group manages the supply and sale of raw materials.

The Logistics Group handles raw materials in ports using facilities and vessels equipped to perform transshipment operations.

The Shipping Group oversees the commercial management of vessels owned in joint venture with d'Amico Società di Navigazione.


Synergies among the Group's four business divisions give the Coeclerici Group full control over the entire procurement cycle, from locating the highest quality raw materials to creating customized shipping and logistics systems. The result is the integration of a wide range of services tailored to each client’s needs.

Coeclerici Group At A Glance